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Insights for International Green Africa

1.Accessibility yo conservation information
2. Improve on agriculture and environment
3. Respect for biodiversity
4. Gender sensitivity
5. Education for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
6. Youth sensitisation to love nature

1. Promote environmental conservation in kitumba subcounty and uganda at large
2. Support pregnant mothers, HIV exposed infants ,malnourished and vulnerable children around lake Bunyonyi.
3. To begin home on come generating activities for orphans and vulnerable children around lake Bunyonyi
4. To promote apiary/bee keeping in kitumba subcounty and uganda at large
5. Promote sustainable Agriculture (land use management ).
6. Encourage youth to love nature and conserve environment.
7. To promote agro-forestry in kitumba subcounty and uganda at large
8. To promote research
9. Enhance partnership and collaboration in and outside the area of jurisdiction .

To become a lead agency for conservation and development on Uganda and Africa at large

Give one child a confidence , courage and life skills to become greater than poverty.
Growing up in poverty kids face tough challenges i.e hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and medical services, social discrimination and isolation. But it does not have yo be that way. Together we can transform the lives of children in poverty and other vulnerables around lake Bunyonyi. It starts right here, right now when you sponsor a child.

Your monthly gift of $50 ensures that kids and other v ulnerables living in poverty have access to life-changing benefits like education, medical care, life skills and job training before they graduate.

Why support the IGACO organisation.
The IGACO organisation needs your support because there is
1 A reduced attendance in school largely caused by poverty.
2. A growing number of street children largely caused by poverty
3. A growing number of orphans largely caused by AIDS and other disasters like landslides and drowning.
4. Environmental degradation /encroachment largely caused by poverty and illiteracy.
5. A growing number of vulnerable (elderly) and pregnant women suffering largely caused by poverty and unemployment

By bank transfer
1. Account name: International Green Africa Conservation Organisation
2. Bank name: Equity Bank Uganda Limited
3. Bank address : Kabale branch P.O.Box 10184
4. Account number:1045201286556
5. Swift code: EQBLUGKA
6. Beneficiary name: International Green Africa Conservation Organisation
7. Beneficiary address : Kabale District-Kabale Municipality P.O.Box 997, Kabale
8. Street address: Bwankosya Street- Kabale Municipality Uganda
9. Branch: Kabale.
10. Branch number: 1045
11. Intermediary Bank name: CITI BANK FRANKFURT
12. Swift: CITIDEFF
13.International Bank Account number (IBAN): DE57502109004117194006
14. Account number: 4117194006

Thank you for your on going support and please don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions or queries.

Kabale Municipality
Central Division
Central ward
Central-Central village
Bwankosya street
Plot 7
P.O.Box 997, Kabale
Tel.+256782635112, +256778581608 all on WHATSAPP
Facebook page: International Green Africa Conservation Organisation-IGACO
E-mail : info@internationalgreenafrica.org

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